A date with A.I

                                               to Melbournes "Best" Restaurants

As the perfect cliche of a foodie I regularly visit that website to find out where to wine and dine around town. Wanting to know what’s new, fun and what is ’the best’.  To make your way into a ‘Best Of’ list is an impressive thing. However lately I've gotten to thinking, how do you get in and who is defining what’s best?

While I am grateful to say I have been to a few these elite restaurants, I am aware getting to them all is a stretch of my current pay check.  Furthermore, is it even a goal I want to strive towards? In a city full of amazing and diverse food experiences, I’m starting to think, that list is looking rather limited. 

How can somewhere be considered one of ’The best’ if it’s only so for the select few who can afford it? So, rather than bankrupting myself in an attempt to visit all of these venues, I thought I’d take a more affordable route and do a virtual tour. 

Together my friend AI and I  have created some unreal, realistic perceptions of what I imagine these “best” dining experiences might be like.

Restaurant 1

The ambiance was truly impressive, and the service was top-notch. The wine selection added an element of enjoyment, although the cuisine leaned a tad too heavily on experimentation.About an hour into the meal, I was tempted to sneak out for a quick burger from Grilled due to the pace of service.They offered a delectable array of dishes, including a standout aubergine falafel, accompanied by pita, fresh salads, and a mouthwatering roasted cauliflower with an unforgettable dressing.

Restaurant 2

The experience at this Modern Australian restaurant was truly outstanding, encompassing exceptional cuisine, a diverse wine selection, impeccable service, stunning presentation, and a delightful atmosphere.Opting for Sunday lunch was a wise choice, offering generous portions and a diverse range of dishes that truly satisfied our palates.As our weekend getaway came to a close, we decided to culminate it with a memorable dining experience, and this restaurant surpassed our expectations.

Restaurant 3

This sushi restaurant impressively caters to individuals who prefer seafood over meat.Our dining experience was truly exceptional, with a standout meal, impeccable service, a wonderful ambiance, and an overall memorable experience.However, when considering the price point, it falls short of being the top Japanese dining destination in town.

Restaurant 4

Our visit to this Contemporary Australian restaurant was truly delightful, offering a beautiful dining experience, an outstanding meal, exceptional service, and a wonderful atmosphere.

 While our overall experience was fantastic, there was a regrettable incident with the pork loin main course, as some portions remained undercooked near the skin.Nonetheless, the ambiance remained inviting, the food remained enjoyable, and the staff continued to provide impeccable service, not missing a beat throughout our meal.

Restaurant 5

This European-style restaurant in Melbourne offered a pleasant setting with great ambiance, attentive service, and exceptionally flavorful cuisine.My husband and I relished every aspect of our dining experience, from the delectable meal to the delightful drinks.However, it was a bit inconvenient that we had to frequently seek out the staff to replenish our water and wine glasses.

Restaurant 6

The ambiance and decor at this South East Asian Australian fusion restaurant were truly impressive, complemented by exceptional cuisine and top-notch service. 

 Our experience here was absolutely outstanding and ranks among the best dining establishments I've visited this year.The menu offered a diverse selection of dishes, each infused with delightful Thai-inspired flavours.

Restaurant 7

The overall experience at this South East Asian/Australian native fusion restaurant was flawless, with impeccable cuisine, a delightful ambiance, attentive staff, and exceptional service. 

 You absolutely must try the dry-aged duck; it boasts flawlessly crispy skin and succulent meat.The restaurant's decor and lighting exuded a sultry and enchanting atmosphere, setting the perfect tone for our evening.

Restaurant 8

Our experience at this Contemporary Australian restaurant was truly remarkable, with an exceptional combination of outstanding cuisine, fine wine, impeccable service, and a captivating atmosphere. 

 Every single dish was a flavour-packed delight, showcasing remarkable tastiness throughout the entire meal.Seated at the bar area, we had the privilege of witnessing the seamless coordination of the restaurant staff, everything and everyone operating with remarkable precision.

Restaurant 9

Our visit to this Italian restaurant in Melbourne left us thoroughly impressed, thanks to their fantastic cuisine, attentive staff, inviting atmosphere, outstanding service, and a menu that truly dazzled. 

 When it came to desserts, the vanilla lemon meringue was an absolute treat, boasting both deliciousness and a satisfying portion size.However, while the beef was expertly prepared, it fell short in terms of quality given the price point we paid.

Restaurant 10

This Italian restaurant in Melbourne delivered an impressive array of flavours, a diverse menu, and a welcoming staff that provided excellent service.Nestled in a cozy and intimate setting, this charming eatery takes pride in crafting fresh, hand-made pasta using locally sourced ingredients.Incredible as it may seem, my dining companion and I indulged in a feast, savouring two appetisers, four main courses, two desserts, and accompanying beverages, all within the confines of a meal for two.

Restaurant 11

Our experience at this modern Italian restaurant in Melbourne was marked by excellent service, delectable cuisine, and an impressive wine selection.We truly relished our time here, savoring the relaxed ambiance that allowed us to dine at our own pace and savor the high-quality dishes.The menu boasted a comprehensive offering, including appetising bites, enticing entrees, flavourful pastas, succulent meats, along with a few refreshing salads and tempting desserts.

Restaurant 12

Our experience at this Italian restaurant in Melbourne was truly delightful, thanks to its wonderful setting, impeccable service, flavourful cuisine, and a staff that radiated friendliness.Regrettably, the meal came with a steep price tag, and our waiter was insistent when it came to wine selection, which left us somewhat uncomfortable.Nonetheless, the restaurant did offer an extensive array of appetisers and main courses, catering well to our large group of guests.

Restaurant 13

Our experience at this traditional Italian restaurant in Melbourne was marked by flawless cuisine and delightful cocktails, complemented by excellent service within a contemporary setting.While we initially opted for the $99 set menu, we were unaware that our additional order of a main dish would incur extra charges.Throughout our meal, the staff consistently provided top-notch customer service, emphasizing their commitment to excellence.

Restaurant 14

Paired with exceptional cuisine, a lovely ambiance, and superb service, our experience at this French restaurant in Melbourne was truly exceptional.I wholeheartedly suggest trying the wagyu scotch fillet and the calamari; they're absolute must-tries.The restaurant exudes a captivating atmosphere, and the food is simply delectable.

This was a new kind of project for me. A kind of starting point into this crazy world of AI opening up to us now. It's not perfect but it was an interesting adventure. 

To see how I got here and the exact information that created the above I have opened my research up Here

A few extra Notes: 

This is a project created using Artificial Intelligence. Nothing here is a real, or even an attempt to be accurate.

The reviews are based off the the first three google reviews, if you wrote one of those. Thanks. 

The restaurants from the original list are the result of talent and hard work, this is not a criticism on the individual rather the elitism that we have cultivated. 

Some venues were removed from the original list due to. bias (I had been there) or they had the ability to be a venue not 100% food focused (ie wine bar/ cafe)

Fun lil AI project.
Check it out here


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