About Me 

Photographer and producer with a love for wearing black but photographing in colour. 

I like to build things, layer my photoshop files like a good croissant and I prepare excel spreadsheets for everything. My love of food branches into all aspects of my career and my addiction to peanut butter is a little concerning.

I work with brands to find unique and memorable ways to capture their products. The strange, the nonsensical and the aesthetically diverse is where I’m most inspired. When I take a photograph I want to capture an entire story in a single frame. 

Current Location: Melbourne, Australia


American Egg Board, Bayne Ice Cream, Deveci Olive Oil, dVIN,  Hitchcoq, Kombuchery, Mission Genuss, NENI Köln, Orange Finest Coffee, Remedy Kombucha, Schvarz Kaffee


Fun lil AI project.
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